Edmund Tay

I’ve always been a big fan of music. I do believe good music is the food for the soul that produces good feels and fuel to what we do daily. Here is a short collection of some music-related work I’ve done over the years.


12 Inches of Fun is a weekly vinyl-only musical party lead by DJ Tobias Patrick all around China. It’s an homage to the good old days of vinyl music with a spin of modernity music mixing into a good night of fun. I designed the identity and posters for their shows in Shanghai and Beijing.


A branding concept for the underground club in Shanghai together with it's founder – Kelly Pon. The original location of this club is at an infamous 'smallest lift in Shanghai' location where it inspires the name and the logo. The design direction was to play with a type logo where it also show's the iconic elevator's buttons.

Image is from Spotify rebranding from Collins

Image is from Spotify rebranding from Collins



An event by Elevator organized by Tobias Patrick mainly for WeChat promotions.