Edmund Tay


Stellar Works


Art Direction

Graphic Design


Stellar Works is a furniture design company that stands for a renaissance of refined culture and Asian sensibility. Inspired by craft & industry of the past, it represents a new commitment which bridges the gap between the old and the new – in attitude, form and application. 

Stellar works seeks to reintroduce past collections of classics, both eastern and western, alongside culturally-inspired contemporary signatures: it breathes an air of freshness into heritage.

I had the honor to be their lead brand designer digging deep into the brand’s roots and strengthens it by creating a brand book filled with templates and examples of how the brand should look and feel from its catalogue to its merchandise and everything else.

I spent a total of 4 months with Stellar Work’s headquarters in Shanghai and worked closely with the CEO, Marketing Director, marketing and product team to further expand the essence of the brand from logo and beyond. I designed and wrote a simple guidebook paired with examples so that the team at Stellar Works can refer to it as they bring the brand forward from here onwards.