Edmund Tay


Slow Soaps


Art Direction

Graphic Design



Ron Yee

Slow soaps is an organic, handmade soap company that believes in slowing down our lives and enjoy the simple pleasure of a good shower. The products are biodegradable, all natural, not tested on animals, and self-sustainable. A brand that is responsible for the environment and culture.

Our main mission was to express the spirit of the brand and why this is important in today’s society. How do we express the motion of making the soaps and the act of having a good shower within a singular graphic language?

The Stream is a visual metaphor that expresses the brand’s organic energy that is minimalistic yet bold. It then became our main marque that represents what the brand is all about in 2 simple strokes that resemble 2 ‘S’s. This graphic language allows the brand to extend and gives every product a unique characteristic of its own.