Edmund Tay


Pepsi Tmall 2019


Art Direction



Ken Wong

TMALL 11.11 shopping festival 2019 selected 30 brands across China to be featured in their outdoor media placement. Pepsi was one of the selected ones with a simple idea of living life full of passion through all multiple platforms.

We commissioned Ken Wong, an illustrator with a creative background to execute our idea for an all-angled vibrant life with Pepsi. We first explored a couple of rough ideas, and we settled with a multi-dimensional platform through multi-angled cans of Pepsi packed together with a diversity of Pepsi characters interacting on top of it.

First draft by Ken Wong

Pepsi wants to be a brand that supports youngsters in China to believe in themselves and be bolder in pursuing its China dream. It is at the point where the environment allows the younger generation to explore non-traditional career routes and redefine the idea of a ‘successful’ life. Our main idea for this piece is to show Pepsi is behind your bold ideas and dreams. Hence, the muted cans of Pepsi compactly stacked to create a multi-angled platform. On top of these cans, we portray characters that have fun doing what they are passionate about.

Illustration by Ken Wong.

Art Direction & Creative by Edmund Tay