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Ron Yee

I was fortunate enough to be called in to join BBH to help them set up their very first design department within the agency to tackle design-focused projects that were flowing out of their primary businesses. One of my first tasks was to design the visual identity and brand for the three sub-divisions that were born out of the business' immediate needs. I conceptualised and created the identity for Black Design, Shepherd Consultancy and Live Creations that portray the vision that the CEO had of these divisions at that time.


The first and only design division within BBH, China lead by Janel Kok with 2 lead designers. Together, we build a sizable design division with our own independent clients like Wanda, Taikoo Hui, Vita Coco, Google and Nike to just name a few.


The strategy department within BBH that focuses on brand strategy and consultation for brands of all sizes.


Live is an in-house production and content creation company within BBH that focuses on short to medium form video content for brands to further enhance their arsenal of communication.



Annie’s cakes is a home-made cake shop. All its ingredients are organic and of the freshest quality. It’s a traditional cake. Unlike the ones with all the cream and icing. 

Now at 68 years old, Annie is getting her second wind; starting her very

own cake shop selling these humble circular cakes.Annie’s cakes