Edmund Tay


Lay's Signature






Gianmauro Vella

Jiashin Foo

Antonio Pugliese

Eden Wei

Lay’s is loved around the world with a variety of over 200 flavors. It is the master of flavors where they make life flavorful by bringing variety to the world in every sense, from products to experience.

Lay's Signature purveys the most unique and extraordinary flavors Lay's has to offer under one roof. It’s where we push our own boundaries of craft, developing unique blend of flavors before expressing it on natural potato chips as an art form.

We are mixing, refining, and sprinkling it into imaginative and often surprising inventions. Through our place, we share our discoveries and the enjoyment of exceptional flavors with the world.

Lay's Signature is one of our first innovation projects for Lay’s China conceived under our newly built D3 Lab where our core mission is to elevate the experience of our brands within PepsiCo. For this project, I was mainly contributing in strategy, writing, brand-building, H5 mini-site and the overall social presence.

Together with a team of 5, we’ve built this through multiple design sprint exercises. Within two weeks, we came out with the business proposition, branding, H5 site (CRM), and the pop-store design ready to go. A labor of love from the design team where we wrote, design and produced it all in-house with tight support from Lay's China's brand team.

Visuals co-designed with Jiashin Foo and Antonio Pugliese with directions by Gianmauro Vella.

Assistance by Eden Wei

Photography by M2 Studios

Project done in 2019